About Us

About Us

Rainbow workshop,lastest information of accessory platform,supply exclusive,high  quality audio products,otherwise rainbow workshop is forging the  fantastic ideas to intelligent living.Rainbow workshop inspired you to be better.

The Origination Of Rainbow workshop


Is the English name of girl,she is my childhood neighbor from Shantou province of china,as her name as she is pretty ,grace and peaceful,when I get close to her,i feel that is be with a Buddha,my mind is peaceful. Because of that,i like to get along with her,we are playing, we are riding, we are go to school together.Day by day,time is fly,I am schooling on college, she is working on company,I cannot catch up to her and lost her,few years later she was get married with someone.


Is me,when I was a teenage,something happen to me,I lost one friend on accident,so that my parent close me at home,like a prison,even though they are forbid me to do many thing, except reading elementary text book,it is so boring and exhausted to me, as a result,I return a home disorder to them, search anything I can play,such as dismantle recording machine to take out the motor ……,but it is not bad, I can find my way to fit many thing, install a new lock for door,fit wash machine, restart the gas water heater to make it to work,if some time my parent punish me on debate,I would not help them restart the water heater system in temperature is go down at night,and it not too cool.but if them ask me gently,I will help them.

Maybe it is destiny, I got one jet fighter magazine from my friend,it is fanatic to me,and I had research how is fighter take off,how to pilot to left or right,how is the SU-27 fighter make Cobra Maneuver,that time I want to a jet for myself,and used ruler to make a my fighter on page,it like F117 figure,but it is slim.

As the old saying goes, where there's a will, there's a way.

In the college, I taught myself to make out jet fighter by 3DMax, after that I made anything I like, make a wallet,make a shoe,etc.

It is mean that I like to explore and create.

At present,leo is cultivating to forge the fantastic ideas to intelligent living.