How To Get The Original Tosing Bluetooth Microphone?

How To Get The Original Tosing Bluetooth Microphone?

How To Get The Original Tosing Bluetooth Microphone?


How To Get The Original Tosing K068/Q7S/Q7/K9/K068PLUS Bluetooth Microphone?
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What Is Different Between Copy one and Tosing original Bluetooth Mirophone?
1:Tosing :Qualified material and 1 year  guaranty
Fake one:Iinferior material without guaranty
2:Tosing:Hight fidelity
Fake one:Voice  distortion
3:Tosing: On safety
Fake one :Battery explosion

How To Choose Tosing Microphone As Best Result?

K068 is single speaker, 5W output, and Low price suitable for kids or lady.
Q7 is double speaker, 10W output for man and office conference.
K9 is Car Microphone,FM connect speaker and Bluetooth connect with phone,the high degree output in the Tosing series microphone !

What Is Different Between Toisng Q7 And Q7S Karaoke Microphone?

1,Outward appearance :
Tosing q7s Karaoke bluetooth microphone is more novelty than q7 wireless microphone
Tosing Q7 bluetooth Karaoke microphone basicly similar with q7s microphone ,but q7 Chinese version wireless microphone cloud be plus external usb storage and play next and previous songs.
Microphone sensitive:
Tosing q7s bluetooth microphone is more sensitive than q7 Karaoke microphone.
Speaker bass:
Tosing q7 Karaoke microphone speaker bass is better than q7s wireless microphone.

Tosing Flagship Address:
Contact Name:Leonardo
No.2F/275,New Asia International Electronic & Digital City,XiDi Er Road Guangzhou ,China

About Tosing

Tosing the brand have been registered by Shenzhen Teana,and TOSING series products was been created at development department of Shenzhen Teana

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