360°Protected Power Bank Case For Iphone 8 Plus

360°Protected Power Bank Case For Iphone 8 Plus

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360°Protected Power Bank Case 5000mAh 背夾電池

  • 360°Protected Power Bank Case for iPhoneX/8/ 7 / 6 Plus adopts high technology to be wireless. Without using USB cable but powering up your iPhone simply by pressing the bottom at the back.It is no need to bring heavy power banks or chargers that clutter your bag with tangled wires.
  • QUICK CHARGE&PROLONG LIFE : 3.7V/5000mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery case for iPhone accessories can effectively provide 100%+ extra battery life to your iPhone 7 / 6 plus which is quick charge.The iPhone battery charging case can be prolong life extending your phone’s battery life in a protective cover,
  • MAGNETIC STAND DESIGN : iPhone 7 / 6 Plus accessoriesis can be taken off and be pulled onto the back by magnetism. The magnetic force is strong enough to stand iPhone on desk. Flexible and easy to use for your convenience.
  • LED INDICATOR : The battery case for iPhone have four LED lights in the back.It can indicates you the charging status.The first light is 0-25% charging,the second light is 25-50%,the third light is 50-75%,the forth is 75-100%charging.Monitor the quantity of your iPhone electricity at any time.


Output:DC 5V-1.0A
Input:DC 5V-1.2A Max
Circulation:≧500 Time
Cell:li-polymer battery
Weight:130G(with packing 229g)

Payment :Wechat/Alipay


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